5 Reasons to Use Animated Transitions in Mobile Applications

Static is boring! Imagine living in 2022 with alluring UI/UX designs in trend and still using static websites and mobile applications to engage and retain customers. Sorry to burst the myth bubble, but such a mobile app may not last as long as you want to. A professional mobile app developer is a must in today’s time who knows the elements that engage Gen Z or those living in this era. 

If we shed some light on animated transitions, we won’t just talk about the aesthetics. Yes, those are there, but have you ever noticed how our eyes catch the motion? Such elements boost engagement effortlessly. And don’t you want that? 

Let’s give you more reasons to try animated transitions in your mobile app development.

1. Helps Users with Cognitive Load

Whenever anyone opens an app, it takes a few moments to understand where certain functions and buttons are. A static application is hard to understand, looks complex, and takes enormous time to find solutions, or we can say it increases cognitive load. 

Animated transitions, in contrast, help bring instant attention to the substantial buttons. Now we don’t mean to animate every element on your page. But submission forms, some stats, screen-loading time, and navigation can be attractive elements to play with on the app.

2. Reduces Bounce Rate

Mobile apps should be quick as phone users are on the verge of switching windows. We all do that! Users don’t care what good you have; if your app is slow, they leave. But animated transitions keep them engaged. It gives an impression that your system is working and they are not waiting aimlessly. 

For instance, it’s just about action confirmation of an order or a newsletter subscription. With the help of a professional mobile app developer, you can make that waiting interesting. Think of elements that suit your industry and relate to the target audience. Then, use them.

3. Utilizes Screen Space

At times, you want to pitch all you have, but mobile screens have limited space, so you end up picking limited messages or promotional content. Animated transitions in the mobile application help you to cope with this limitation of creative ideas. You can show multiple offers on the same limited space with an equally distributed attention span. We don’t mean to disturb the negative space here because that is dynamic and powerful. But the sections you are already covering can be more versatile with this option, and you should definitely take the most benefit!

4. Helps with Navigation Steps

Mobile apps have limited buttons, and you should use all creative elements smartly. So if you have a multi-step process application like that of Subway or any other food delivery, you may have noticed how the process follows. You select your food, bread, flavors, toppings, add-ons, or any additional item. And for each step, you go to another page or scroll through. 

Now imagine! You are browsing an application with animated navigation that guides you to each step. It makes the whole process interactive, and customers feel more connected with the brand. 

5. Stand Out CTAs & Other Elements

Mobile applications are constantly evolving, and every professional mobile app developer knows about the constant updates. Firms research the competitors or make efforts to attain that edge none has already and adds new elements for that. 

These elements can be a newsletter sign-up, a blog page, a price calculator, or any other necessary convenience. Moreover, since brands want the users to move on to the next step, they write catchy and relatable CTAs (Call-to-Actions) and hope for clicks and actions. These animated transitions grab that attention and persuade the viewers to visit those certain pages or click on the CTA.

That’s because human eyes can’t resist those motions.

Navigate your way to the Top with a Professional Mobile App Developer!

Animated transitions in mobile applications are the everlasting trend for 2022 and beyond. To compete better, you need to attract, engage, and persuade potential users to take action as you want. By hiring a professional mobile app developer, you can customize your transitions and work on a better user experience. To help you throughout the upgrade, Infinisys, a mobile app development company, can be your partner. We have years of experience in bringing outdated mobile applications to life. Call us at (917) 20277-5717 and discuss all your requirements. Let’s move ahead together!