Reminders & Check-ins To Help People Remain Independent & Happy

Client Brief

The goal was to create a website to facilitate the patients and the professionals to stay up to date with the scheduled medical treatment with the help of reminders and check-ins or to converse to give and to receive the intended guidance.


YEAR - 2021



The Solution

Carecalls provides a digital platform to the patients and the medical professionals to keep track of their medication by using the check-ins and reminders or to interact to make sure that there are no discrepancies in the medication course or guidance. With the help of a website created by InfiniSys, Carecalls helps the patients or the caretakers get a reminder of the next dose, similarly, the doctors or the consultants also get the reminders to update their patients for their respective doses.

Also, there is an option for the patients and the professionals to connect over a phone call to schedule an appointment or to simply get guidance about the pertaining medical issues.

Mobile Compatibility

The mobile compatibility suggests that it can be easily accessible let alone well structured to communicate the intended message. Also, the reminders and check-ins would be used effectively as well.

Fast Load Time

The fast loading time of the website helps the users to navigate on the web pages without any barriers and keeps the user focused.

Core Features

With the outbreak of pandemic, it was pertinent for everybody to stay aware of what was going on. Care Calls with its inception and its digital presence, had to introduce an efficient product and for that it needed a website that was as innovative as their business model.


A user-centric blueprint of the website is beneficial for the customers to understand and learn the service and its features in a more meaningful way.

Effective Navigation

The effective navigation of the website has increased conversions since the users can easily absorb the information and intend to benefit from the very service provided by Care Calls.


Carecalls has transformed the medical service domain by making it easier for patients and customers to stay at home and stay connected.

The Results

The results of the web application were far more than expected, as the website did a marvelous job. Individuals were especially happy about a website that simplified it to provide the patients with better care. The website resolves an enormous number of queries and links countless patients with professionals every day with more than 1.5 million reminders and check-ins delivered so far.