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* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices

Client Brief

The objective behind the creation of this mobile app was to provide a digital platform to the audience to fight climate change by reducing the carbon footprints through monthly subscriptions. The app is available both on Playstore and iOS.


YEAR - 2020



The Solution

Clara Carbon empowers people to mitigate carbon emissions with the help of its subscription plans and investing revenue in sustainable development projects. The aim behind developing a mobile application was to bring ease of access to the audience to participate in fighting climate change through feasible and sustainable means.

InfiniSys was charged with the task of developing a mobile application compatible with both android and iOS so that the maximum audience could be reached with a user-friendly wireframe and effortless navigation.

Push Notifications

The push notifications feature facilitates the users to stay updated with the most recent updates on the application even when they are not actively using it. This helps Clara Carbon in keeping its users aware of the slightest details.

Fast Load Time

Fast load times increase the engagement yet conversion rate of Clara Carbon as the users can navigate through the application without any hindrance.

Core Features

Amazing Features

Its not just the business idea, it is also the digital footprint behind that idea that carves out a path to a business’ success. The well developed mobile application of Clara Carbon has enhanced its Brand ID among the users with more conversions than ever.


The UI/UX enables the users to have a deeper understanding of the message being conveyed by Clara Carbon. A sleek and interactive wireframe helps the users to comprehend the business objectives of Clara Carbon.

Effective Navigation

Effective navigation of Clara Carbon’s mobile app increases the responsiveness as well as increased traffic. Subsequently, the SEO of the app is also improved due to ease of navigation through all the sections of the mobile application.


Clara Carbon has filled the gap of digital carbon reduction facility by providing a wonderful solution for its customers that exceeds their expectations and helps them fight climate change.

The Results

This pleasant application shows results worth sharing with our users. In a rapidly changing environment, Clara Carbon plays a key role in creating awareness let alone making a difference in society by fighting climate change through affordable subscriptions plans.

Download Application

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices