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* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices

Client Brief

The core idea behind the application is to create a word search game so that users can play and enjoy together.


YEAR - 2021



The Solution

Parcel2Go delivery service has changed the dynamics of virtual courier services as it has become the cheapest and fastest pioneer of courier services in the region. It has done so by partnering with the world’s best courier service providers with reduced limitations, size issues, and prices.

InfiniSys created an interactive website for Parcel2Go by engineering a wireframe that suits the customer’s needs and a quote calculator based on the destination, size, time, category, and booking option of the parcel. The website has shown elevated traffic recently due to its excellent blueprint.

Quote Calculator

The customers do not have to call and get a quote anymore while answering a series of questions. The customers can get this work by themselves by simply putting the information in the quote calculator and getting an accurate estimate of their cargo with the help of quote calculator.

Fast Load Time

The users deem fast load times impressive as it does not hinder the process. When their queries are resolved quickly, user satisfaction followed by a conversion is guaranteed. That very feature is offered by Parcel2Go.

Core Features

Building an effective and a customer-centric website is not an easy task. As fulfilling customer demands and needs is our forte, we built an interactive and a customer oriented website for the customers to fulfill their freight needs.


Parcel2Go’s web design is based on the witty colors and widgets that contribute to its overall engaging virtual interface. The customers find it easy to learn about the services of the brand.

Effective Navigation

The gamer profile feature has made it exciting for the users to create and manage their profiles. All users can register using their social media accounts and enjoy the game while using your mind at the same time.


Parcel2Go has revolutionized the parcel delivery competition by becoming virtually competitive and fast along with unbelievably low prices for its services.

The Results

The results of this website are laudable. In an extremely fast-moving environment, Parcel2Go plays an essential role in supplying goods to the users from one area to another without fear of transport damage, robbery, and other problems. By making an easy inquiry, the parcel is at your door. All of that has been achieved through the increased traffic on the website and the awareness that has been created among the consumers about this service. Almost all of the conversions and inquiries are generated from the website of the business due to its unique design and user interface.

Download Application

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices