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* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices

Client Brief

To create a mobile application compatible with android and iOS to facilitate the customers to schedule their appointments without any complications quickly.


YEAR - 2019



The Solution

Reservio allows its users to schedule their appointments and group meetings online in one place, and that too with 24/7 access. It also helps you stay updated with the latest developments about your appointments or client bookings.

Following the brief, InfiniSys has created just the application for Reservio by aiding the users to get educated and access to the premium features of Reservio through a streamlined blueprint of its website.

Push Notifications

This feature updates the users about their scheduled bookings and alerts the customers of the next potential appointments or schedules. Additionally, the application informs the users with the recent updates as well.

Fast Load Time

The mobile app’s fast load time streamlines the navigation process and provides its users with a better overall experience when viewing the application.

Core Features

Amazing Features

Well designed applications are eye-catching, and create an intrigue among the traffic to use them. Reservio’s app has the tendency to resolve all the associated problems with scheduling with the exceptional functionality, usability, and appealing design of its mobile app.


The wonderful graphics, color scheme, appropriate functionality, and proper spacing of icons on Reservio’s mobile app has increased the number of satisfied users, hence maintaining Reservio’s clientele.


Chatbot makes the whole user experience easier as it gets most of the work done already. It resolves the queries of the users in an instant with the most effective answers that increases the overall brand value.


Reservio helps you schedule your bookings, improve your services, promote your business through 24/7 online booking and client reminders.

The Results

The Reservio mobile application from Infini Sys quickly proves to be the best appointment scheduling application. The customers are extremely satisfied. There is no better partner to help you prioritize your activities with a wonderful appointment scheduling software like Reservio.

This creativity made it easier for people to evaluate their plans conveniently and make the right decisions.

Download Application

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices