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Client Brief

To create a website that assists the salons and spas to get ahold of Shedul’s solutions dedicated for them in the best manner possible.


YEAR - 2019



The Solution

Shedul has provided the salons and spas with the very software that helps them manage their whole business. Whether it’s the booking or scheduling of appointments, online payments, performance reporting, or point-of-sales tools, Schedul has it all.

Similarly, InfiniSys has created just the application for Shedul where its clients such as spas and salons could visit and select the best software to manage their business. The website does not only entail the features and specifications of Shedul, it has also helped become the number # 1 software for salons and spas.

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Mobile Compatibility

Since the overall wireframe adjusts to the cell phone, it becomes convenient for the users to get their work done through Schedul on their mobile phones.
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Fast Load Time

The fast load time of the web app simplifies the navigation process and gives users a better overall experience with the app.
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Core Features

Well-designed applications are eye-catching, and create an intrigue among the traffic to use them. Shedul’s web app has the tendency to resolve all the associated problems with scheduling with the exceptional functionality, usability, and appealing design of its website.

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Schedul has maintained a basic interface outlook as it is appealing to the users.
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Chatbot makes the whole user experience easier as it gets most of the work done already. It resolves the queries of the users in an instant with the most effective answers that increases the overall brand value.


Shedul is a simple, flexible, and more powerful booking for salons and spas with an easy to user user-interface with a sober yet modern outlook. The spas and salons can manage their whole business through Shedul.

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The Results

The results shown in the app were valuable. Shedul brought customer satisfaction to the table, whereas the spa and salon owners were also satisfied. The website works as a two-way route, our customers can manage their reserve and their customers can be handled by spa and salon owners.

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