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* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices

Client Brief

The objective behind the creation of this website was to provide a platform to the audience so that they book their preferred salons and treatments based on the area, price, date, and time of their choice.


YEAR - 2018



The Solution

Treatwell’s mission is to bring the salons and the customers under one digital umbrella making it easier for the customers to book their appointments anywhere, be it the bus station, office, or even bed. InfiniSys created a website where the customers can choose the treatment and looks they want from their preferred stylists and specialists by using the filter of their preferred area, price, date, and time.

Their wont is no hassle for searching for potential salons or specialists on Google and then calling them up to book your appointment which sometimes does not even work. Just go to and find the best remedy for your problems.

Mobile Compatibility

The mobile compatibility feature further relaxes the customers from the hassle of visiting the website. The users can simply download the application and schedule or stay updated with the latest updates about their treatment.

Fast Load Time

The fast loading becomes one less of a problem for Treatwell users as quick results help the users to stay on the website without hindrance.

Core Features

The digital access of this brand to its audience has increased its overall reach along with the sales. Treatwell’s well-developed website has taken this brand’s success beyond the expectations.


The UI/UX enables users to understand the message that Treatwell is thoroughly conveying: conciseness and convenience. A sophisticated and interactive wireframe with a well thought-out color scheme helps users get their work done easily.

Effective Navigation

Treatwell’s efficient website navigation feature enhances responsiveness and traffic. Similarly, due to easy navigation through all areas of the website, the SEO of the app is improved.


Treatwell has filled the gap of digital beauty services by providing a wonderful solution for its customers that exceeds their expectations.

The Results

The turnout to Treatwell’s website was phenomenal. People are very satisfied with this application as they do not have to hassle anymore. It is a trouble-free app that has contributed significantly to the hair and body treatment choices of users, including economical prices and convenient ways to book appointments. Not only does this, but now you can choose the area, salon, and stylist or treatment specialist of your choice on your preferred date and time.

Download Application

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices