Powerful Data Solutions To Develop Your Business

Client Brief

The task was to create a website to introduce the corporate clients to data-developing solutions.


YEAR - 2021



The Solution

Who Is can facilitate the companies to develop their business further by identifying their potential visitors, nurturing their prospects, and personalizing every customer experience from the point of sale to a long-term customer. It helps in generating qualified leads by employing tracking code solutions.

InfiniSys took the responsibility of creating a website for Who Is to attract potential professional traffic by creating a convincing wireframe that would increase engagement and automatically proliferate conversions for Who Is.

Mobile Compatibility

The push notifications feature enables users to keep up to date with the latest weather updates worldwide. Regardless of where the users are, weather updates in the area will be promptly notified. It informs its users of all weather updates.

Fast Load Time

The fast-loading time of the website helps users to keep their concentration intact on the website.

Core Features

Virtual integration is important for every business. The website for Who Is is designed for innovative and easy-to-navigate. The website is focused on simplicity that helps users easily find all they want.


A sober yet engaging design of the website to first educate and then convert potential leads by explaining the process to its users.

Effective Navigation

The effective navigation of Who Is web application has reduced boosted the traffic on the website.


Who Is helps businesses develop a customer experience that ensures higher conversions through live, contextual communications as well as nurturing potential customers after identifying them.

The Results

The result of the website is exceptional. With this website, the customers are completely satisfied and use it almost every day. The website uses a simple user interface to reduce the technicalities. It also offers effortless navigation to search and find instant business solutions.