Be It Any Activity, World Weather Online Is Here To Assist You With The Weather Updates

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* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices

Client Brief

The objective was to create a mobile application that facilitates the users by providing them the most updated weather trends to plan their sports activities or holidays in their cellphones so that they could instantly access it.


YEAR - 2021



The Solution

World Weather Online has come up with a different approach to providing comfort to you. It not only helps you stay aware of the most recent weather trends, but you can also check if you can plan or any sports event as well as go on a holiday, only if the weather allows you to do so, and world weather online does just that for you.

Infini Sys created a user-friendly mobile application for the users of world weather online with easy navigation to find out the recent weather updates or to forecast the weather of a particular location so that the users could plan their activities accordingly. The application also provides the most accurate weather updates with push notifications, unlike most of their counterparts so that the users remain updated no matter what.

Push Notifications

The push notifications feature facilitates the users to stay updated with the most recent weather updates across the globe. Wherever the users are, the weather updates of that vicinity are provided quickly with a pop up notification. It keeps its users aware of every weather update.

Fast Load Time

The mobile app’s fast load time helps the users to get a minute-to-minute update on the weather.

Core Features

Amazing Features

High quality mobile apps today are a must. World Weather Online’s app is engineered to be innovative and easy to navigate. The application focuses on simplicity aiding users to find everything they are looking for without any complexity.


A modest outlook of the application assists the users to select the locality, day, and date of their choice and to find out about the weather updates. This is done so to avoid the complicated structure of the application as it is not feasible for effective navigation of the app.

Effective Navigation

Effective navigation has reduced the bounce rates and increased visitor duration of world weather online’s mobile app. This feature indicates that the users are able to find what they’re looking for.


World Weather Online is the perfect weather guide for its users to decide whether to go out, plan a holiday, play or rather stay inside if the weather does not favor it. It’s all there in a single mobile application.

The Results

InfiniSys has successfully been able to innovate the mobile application for World Weather Online and brought ease to the lives of its users. The app has received numerous positive feedback as it has become the customer’s best medium to receive their weather updates from. This is the amazing feedback from the application that makes it worthwhile. This mobile app has also played a role in rapidly increasing the branding of the company. It has countless users with an easy user interface.

Download Application

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices