A Definitive Guide To UI/UX Design Of Mobile Apps

A Definitive Guide To UI/UX Design Of Mobile Apps

Your first mobile app design project should excite you rather than intimidate you. The design process is enjoyable and much lighter than you’d expect when you have a clear roadmap and the right considerations in mind.

Here are ten key points to keep in mind when designing your first mobile interface if you are a new designer just getting started.

Know Your Customer

Everything we do is centered on our users and their requirements. Before you begin coloring in the first pixel, take a moment to go over your research.

Who are your clients? What is most important to them? Why? Remember to keep your personas in mind throughout the design process and to put yourself in the shoes of your users. Are the decisions you make assisting or hindering them in achieving their objectives? Always be sympathetic while addressing these questions because your consumers are the only source of your business growth.


Different style philosophies and platform-specific conventions are required for iOS and Android. They don’t have the same appearance or behavior. To create an app that a user feels at ease with, adhere to the guidelines provided by each platform.

Establishing a brand

It is critical to consider the overall brand when designing a mobile interface. If your app is part of a family of products, you must adhere to the brand’s colors, logo, and typography.


Our screens are made up of a slew of reusable components known as UI/UX elements. When creating our first mobile app, we don’t want to be creative in every instance, but rather to keep these elements consistent. If primary buttons are blue and rounded, for example, they should remain blue and rounded regardless of where they are used.

The Spacing System

Create a spacing system before you begin. Spacing systems employ a base number for your grid, which governs not only the distance between elements but also their dimensions. 

Assume we choose the number 8 as our starting point. The number 8 should then inform your grid, the space around elements, their dimensions, and even your type—or be multiples of 8.


Hierarchy creates a visual order that makes it easier to digest and navigate content. We want to use visual design elements such as color, size, and typography to generate hierarchy on a screen. This will make it easier for the user to navigate through our app.


Everything about your copy is crucial, from how it is set to what size it is! Text is an important component of interfaces. Keep an eye out for:

  • The typeface you choose: It should be consistent with your branding.
  • How type is defined: It makes a huge difference to carefully kern a headline or adjust a paragraph!
  • Size of the typeface: Material Design includes an excellent typography section to assist you in defining your sizes.

Cursors vs. Thumbs

On the internet, we have a handy cursor to help us click on things. We have our fingers on a mobile phone. Attempt to create a relaxing tapping experience. When elements are too close together, it is easy to tap on one meaning to tap on the other. This is infuriating!

Customized Components

You should align with native UI/UX elements and platform-specific components. However, you will almost always need to design a custom part.

When doing so, pay attention to how each platform suggests you use color, type, and other visual design elements. As you work on this cool project,


Although it is not a visual design element, the copy in your interface can make or break the experience. Choosing the words you’ll use on buttons or error states, for example, can improve the user experience.

If you’re working with a copywriter or with a particular mobile app design services agency, meet with them to discuss how it should sound and what the user should be able to do on each flow. If you’re working on your own, use your brand guidelines to define how your app should sound and propose a copy that fits.

When doing so, research how each platform recommends you use color, type, and other visual design elements. As you work on this cool thing,

The Importance of Mobile App Design

Your first app may be intimidating, but don’t let fear get the best of you! Dive in and give it you’re all. Keep these factors in mind, find the best mobile app design tool for you, and know your color palette—and you’ll do better than you think.


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