How We Can Learn to Code Mobile Apps

How We Can Learn to Code Mobile Apps

Today’s era is all about technological devices and applications. But how do they get the instructions that make them perform a specified action at a specified time? Well, it’s the art of software developers that program/code them.

In the last few years, coding has become one of the most vital skills due to a significant rise in technology which also surged the number of mobile app development agencies.

Basic knowledge of coding can be a remarkable step for one who is willing to develop a professional portfolio, website, or blog shortly. Whether you are well experienced or just starting from scratch, you can always learn to code.

Luckily, various online resources can help you to learn the subject whenever and wherever you want. However, before developing an app, read through the initial instructions given by a well-reputed mobile app development agency on building your own mobile app.

What’s even better is you don’t need to spend your capital or time doing a master’s in programming either. All thanks to coding apps for iOS and Android, which will enhance your skills in no time.

Here are some apps that can be quite useful for you.

  • Solo-Learn

Solo-learn is a learning platform that provides an array of free code courses for a variety of programming languages like C++, Java, Python, SQL, CSS, HTML, C#, and many more.

This platform follows some remarkable steps by giving their students the feasibility of participating in forums and giving them enough time to ask queries. It has categorized their learning into chapters. After completing a chapter, the student performs a quiz to move on to the next chapter.

It also allows users to leave their comments under chapters and provides them with awards and certificates upon completion.

  • Encode

Encode is a platform that enables you with coding lessons in bite-sized portions. The lessons are in-depth and divided into small categories. It basically involves teachings and practical examples limited to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python.

Similar to others, the platform enables different kinds of quizzes and challenges to enhance skills and to progress further. Lessons start from the very basics and eventually lead to advanced concepts. Additionally, Encode offers an offline mode for its students to continue learning even without an internet connection.

  • Programming Hub

Programming Hub is a one-stop solution for your learning needs.

In fact, according to its developer, it features lessons in up to 18 languages. Isn’t that great? There are complete courses of more than 1800 programs that give you enough feasibility to learn at your pace

Programming Hub also enables features of its learning without an internet connection and provides lessons for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. So, your weak internet connection never becomes a barrier to learning here.

  • Code Hub

Code-Hub is a quick and efficient app for motivated individuals. It provides a total of 50 lessons under 4 levels, which enables you to choose your category of strength. If you already have prior knowledge of coding, you can skip the basics and start from where you lack behind.

The app is free for public repositories, however, if you are a private repository you will have to buy access or subscribe to Code Hub Pro.

  • Mimo

Mimo offers you a variety of courses comprising bite-sized lessons. It provides you with the teachings of Python, JavaScript, Ruby, HTML, Swift, CSS, and more.

Mimo also offers offline support for its students allowing them to learn anywhere. Generally, the platform works best for beginners and college students.

However, the app charges a minimal $9.99 a month once you study the first topics for free. If you find the platform helpful, you can order your yearly subscription for $6.66 a month.

Final Words

The rise of mobile app development agencies has given significant popularity to programming. Not just developers, coding and programming have been a part of a flexible career skillset. Hence, the platforms that provide such lessons, on a beginner and advanced level, are growing rapidly.

All of these applications provide teachings of a majority of coding languages which have valuable recognition in today’s market. More importantly, they assist you with different courses so you can decide and choose what’s best for you.

But before you become a pro, or need to get answers to certain queries, Infinisys is a mobile app development agency that can be your helping hand. From iOS to Android, game to e-commerce, you can get your mobile apps solutions on the go. They deliver services and prioritize futuristic developments for the advancement of today’s era. Let’s turn your far-fetched ideas into realities to create the impact you always wanted to!

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