Future Of Mobile Apps

Are you a new business? Or are you a mobile application developer interested in the future of mobile application development? If so, you’ll find information on future mobile application development trends that I’ve compiled in this post.

Mobile application development technologies are rapidly evolving and are undoubtedly one of the fastest growing sectors in the global app market. Mobile application development is fueled by technologies and trends.

Finally, a successful app development strategy entails more than just technologies and trends. The following are some future app development trends to keep an eye on:

Internet Of Things (IOT)

The Internet of Things is one of today’s buzzword technologies. IoT and Cloud can transform mobile application development in a variety of ways. Because of their ability to handle redundant data and connect multiple devices in real-time, IoT and Cloud-enabled mobile applications will become a key trend in the coming years.


People use mobile devices for a variety of reasons, including gaming, entertainment, and so on. Also, expect advanced features like navigation, speech recognition, and natural language processing. Artificial intelligence will have almost everything in the future for all apps. By 2023, the global revenue from the AI market is expected to reach $125 billion.

Most AI apps will be developed in the future using technologies such as predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms. This will enable mobile application development service providers to provide a more personalised experience in their applications, and apps will be able to perform functions such as analysing user behaviour and alerting them to any suspicious threats or data breaches.

AR and VR

According to Statista, the AR/VR market will be worth $209 billion by 2022. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) will be known to the mobile app development industry by 2020. (AR). These technologies will advance to the point where they will be a part of the great revolution in the development of gaming and entertainment mobile apps.

As a result, VR and AR technologies in mobile application development are rapidly improving performance and features. Both technologies will undoubtedly improve the way mobile application development service providers create gaming apps, travel apps, and live streaming apps in the future.

Cross-Platform Development 

Future mobile applications will be developed on cross platforms, which are apps that can be used on multiple mobile platforms such as Android, Windows, iOS, Blackberry, and so on. Cross-platform mobile application development entails creating the original application on a native platform or in a specific environment, which is then distributed to a variety of native platforms.


Consider the technology that can send millions of data packets around the world in the blink of an eye. Isn’t it amazing? According to IHSEconomics, 5G technology will generate $12.3 trillion in revenue globally. 5G technology can provide your app with increased speed to increase mobile app user retention, faster data transfer, lower latency, and a great user experience.


Blockchain technology is described by three words: decentralised, transparent, and immutable. It is the most recent technologies that are altering the way mobile application development is done. According to a Nasscom report from 2019, projects built by Blockchain development companies cost more than $20 billion. These figures clearly demonstrate the revolutionary technology’s popularity and adoption.


According to Statista, revenue from the Wearables segment is expected to reach US$18,984 million in 2020, with a user base of 441.5 billion. These IoT devices have their own market, whether it’s a Fitbit, a Galaxy Watch, or Snapchat spectacles. Despite the fact that these are IoT-enabled devices, they have different use cases.

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To End

Businesses can benefit from these emerging technologies by incorporating them into mobile application development. There are billions of apps available on the play store, the app store, and many other platforms. These technologies can be used to make your app stand out and take on the competition without even facing strong challenges from any of the competitors.

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